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About Searching on Windows

When you put the CD into your computer, the search server should have started automatically. When it is running, you will have both a console (entitled JRE or NetResults depending on its state) and a button labeled "Exit Search Service".

The first time the server runs, it will prompt you for a place to store temporary files. Unless you have a strong objection, the default of C:\TEMP should be fine.

If you have shut the server down, or if it failed to start for you, you can run NetResults.bat in the CD's root directory.

The AUTORUN.INF file should also install a Java interpreter.

If you experience any problems running the server, please do the following:

  1. Open an MS-DOS prompt
  2. Change to the netresults directory on the CD-ROM; e.g.,
    C:\> d:
    D:\> cd netresults
  3. Run the search server manually with these parameters:
    D:\NETRESULTS> jre -mx16m -cp . -ms8m +ds +es +vs

Then try the search again. The console will show more debugging information; have this available when contacting us.

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