Chapter 2. Features

Table of Contents

2.1. Supported formats
2.1.1. Video formats MPEG files AVI files ASF/WMV files QuickTime/MOV files VIVO files FLI files RealMedia (RM) files NuppelVideo files yuv4mpeg files FILM files RoQ files OGG/OGM files SDP files PVA files NSV files GIF files
2.1.2. Audio formats MP3 files WAV files OGG/OGM files (Vorbis) WMA/ASF files MP4 files CD audio XMMS
2.2. Supported codecs
2.2.1. Video codecs DivX4/DivX5 FFmpeg/libavcodec XAnim codecs VIVO video MPEG-1/2 video MS Video1, Cinepak CVID, and other older codecs RealVideo XviD Sorenson
2.2.2. Audio codecs Software AC3 decoding Hardware AC3 decoding libmad support VIVO audio RealAudio QDesign codecs Qualcomm codecs AAC codec
2.2.3. Win32 codecs importing HOWTO VFW codecs DirectShow codecs
2.3. Video output devices
2.3.1. Setting up MTRR
2.3.2. Video outputs for traditional video cards Xv 3dfx cards S3 cards nVidia cards ATI cards NeoMagic cards Trident cards Kyro/PowerVR cards DGA SDL SVGAlib Framebuffer output (FBdev) Matrox framebuffer (mga_vid) 3Dfx YUV support OpenGL output AAlib - text mode displaying libcaca - Color ASCII Art library VESA - output to VESA BIOS X11 VIDIX ATI cards Matrox cards Trident cards 3DLabs cards nVidia cards SiS cards DirectFB DirectFB/Matrox (dfbmga)
2.3.3. MPEG decoders DVB output and input DXR2 DXR3/Hollywood+
2.3.4. Other visualization hardware Zr Blinkenlights
2.3.5. TV-out support Matrox G400 cards Matrox G450/G550 cards ATI cards Voodoo 3 nVidia NeoMagic
2.4. Audio output devices
2.4.1. Audio/Video synchronization
2.4.2. Troubleshooting
2.5. TV input
2.5.1. Compilation
2.5.2. Usage tips
2.5.3. Examples