6.5. HP-UX

Joe Page hosts a detailed HP-UX MPlayer HOWTO by Martin Gansser on his homepage. With these instructions the build should work out of the box. The following information is taken from this HOWTO.

You need GCC 3.4.0 or later, GNU make 3.80 or later and SDL 1.2.7 or later. HP cc will not produce a working program, prior GCC versions are buggy. For OpenGL functionality you need to install Mesa and the gl and gl2 video output drivers should work, speed may be very bad, depending on the CPU speed, though. A good replacement for the rather poor native HP-UX sound system is GNU esound.

Create the DVD device scan the SCSI bus with:

# ioscan -fn

Class          I            H/W   Path          Driver    S/W State    H/W Type        Description
ext_bus 1    8/16/5      c720  CLAIMED INTERFACE  Built-in SCSI
target  3    8/16/5.2    tgt   CLAIMED DEVICE
disk    4    8/16/5.2.0  sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE     PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-305
                         /dev/dsk/c1t2d0 /dev/rdsk/c1t2d0
target  4    8/16/5.7    tgt   CLAIMED DEVICE
ctl     1    8/16/5.7.0  sctl  CLAIMED DEVICE     Initiator
                         /dev/rscsi/c1t7d0 /dev/rscsi/c1t7l0 /dev/scsi/c1t7l0

The screen output shows a Pioneer DVD-ROM at SCSI address 2. The card instance for hardware path 8/16 is 1.

Create a link from the raw device to the DVD device.

# ln -s /dev/rdsk/c<SCSI bus instance>t<SCSI target ID>d<LUN> /dev/<device>


# ln -s /dev/rdsk/c1t2d0 /dev/dvd

Below are solutions for some common problems: