E.3. nVidia

We dislike the fact that nVidia only provides binary drivers (for use with XFree86), which are often buggy. We have had many reports on mplayer-users about problems related to these closed-source drivers and their poor quality, instability and poor user and expert support. Many of these problems/issues keep appearing repeatedly. We have been contacted by nVidia lately, and they said these bugs do not exist, instability is caused by bad AGP chips, and they received no reports of driver bugs (like the purple line). So if you have a problem with your nVidia card, you are advised to update the nVidia driver and/or buy a new motherboard or ask nVidia to supply open-source drivers. In any case, if you are using the nVidia binary drivers and facing driver related problems, please be aware that you will receive very little help from our side because we have little power to help in this matter.