Appendix D. MPlayer skin format

Table of Contents

D.1. Overview
D.1.1. Directories
D.1.2. Image formats
D.1.3. Skin components
D.1.4. Files
D.2. The skin file
D.2.1. Main window and playbar
D.2.2. Subwindow
D.2.3. Skin menu
D.3. Fonts
D.3.1. Symbols
D.4. GUI messages

The purpose of this document is to describe the MPlayer skin format. The information contained here might be wrong, for

  1. It is not me who wrote the GUI.

  2. The GUI is not finished.

  3. I might be wrong.

So do not be surprised if something does not work as described here.

Thanks to Zoltán Ponekker for his help.

András Mohari <>