Unix in a Nutshell

by Arnold Robbins
ISBN 1-56592-427-4
Third edition, published August 1999.
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Table of Contents

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Part I: Commands and Shells

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Unix Commands
Chapter 3: The Unix Shell: An Overview
Chapter 4: The Bourne Shell and Korn Shell
Chapter 5: The C Shell

Part II: Text Editing and Processing

Chapter 6: Pattern Matching
Chapter 7: The Emacs Editor
Chapter 8: The vi Editor
Chapter 9: The ex Editor
Chapter 10: The sed Editor
Chapter 11: The awk Programming Language

Part III: Text Formatting

Chapter 12: nroff and troff
Chapter 13: mm Macros
Chapter 14: ms Macros
Chapter 15: me Macros
Chapter 16: man Macros
Chapter 17: troff Preprocessors

Part IV: Software Development

Chapter 18: The Source Code Control System
Chapter 19: The Revision Control System
Chapter 20: The make Utility

Part V: Appendixes

Appendix A: ASCII Character Set
Appendix B: Obsolete Commands


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