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About Searching this CD

This CD includes search technology from Astaware technologies Inc. Your Web browser uses an ordinary HTML form like this one to perform the search by communicating with a single-purpose Web server, written in Java.

Therefore, in order to search the CD, the search server must be running. In order for the search server to run, you must have a Java interpreter, either the Java Developers' Kit (JDK) or the Java Runtime Engine (JRE). A JRE is provided for some platforms on this CD; you may already have the JDK installed as part of your operating system. If you haven't run the server before, or if you're having difficulty, please see below.

The search engine supports basic Boolean operators: AND, OR, and NOT. You can use these to refine your search. Example:

pipe AND stderr NOT stdout

The Results report format setting controls the style of report received. A Simple report will just list the documents found and a relevancy ranking; an Expanded report will give the first section of the document's content.

Using the Server

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